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Friday, May 26, 2006 

Volvo S80's Interior: Recommended Highly

Author: Kevin Anderson

The Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association has just chosen their
very first vehicle to meet their standards. And among all
vehicles out in the market, the vehicle that they chose was the
Volvo S80 which is a new vehicle from Volvo Cars. After all,
this new vehicle from Volvo has a Clean Zone Interior Package
which is shortened as CZIP and this package actually is a new
technology that gives clean in-car air as well as a pleasant
driving and riding experience for all.

The project manager at Volvo Cars and also the specialist in car
interior environments, Anders Lofvendahl, had something to say
about the CZIP. He says, "The criteria for the Asthma and
Allergy Association's product recommendation specify low levels
of formaldehyde, particles, various irritants, volatile
hydrocarbons, and odors." This is actually a good thing, after
all, asthma and allergies have become quite common problems at
present. These are not just problems among children but are also
problems of adults as well. With Volvo S80's CZIP, this vehicle
actually offers a safe and healthy climate and environment for
those people who are quite sensitive. What is inside the Clean
Zone Interior Package? This package actually includes a remotely
controlled automatic cabin ventilation system. When the car door
is unlocked, the CZIP stars up. It starts to effectively expel
any emissions or strong odors that may have built up inside the
parked car. As the substances, particles, and other components
are dispelled and dispersed, the CZIP starts to decrease in
power. Lofvendahl explains, "In hot climates, volatile
hydrocarbons evaporate from plastics and textiles. These
substances can serve as irritants to over-sensitive people, so
to meet the criteria of the Asthma and Allergy Association an
automatic ventilation system was a necessary precondition."

Lofvendahl continues, "Volvo's interior air quality system
consists of a filter and a sensor. The sensor registers the
existence of substances such as nitrogen oxides, carbon
monoxide, and hydrocarbons in the surrounding air and shuts the
air intake if the concentration is too high. Our close
cooperation with the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association has
given us a far better picture of the needs of people with asthma
and allergies. One example is that of dust accumulation, which
is a far greater problem than we believed when we launched the
project. That is why we have made the interior of the new S80 as
easy to clean as possible and have avoided dust-collecting
surfaces such as textile carpets. Instead, we use allergy-tested
natural rubber coverings in both the passenger cabin and luggage
compartment. They are easier to clean and keep free from dust."

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About the author:
As a former news correspondents for an auto-related websites,
Kevin has gathered extensive knowledge and experience in the
automotive inddustry. This 34 year old father of three from
Pennsylvania is a genuine car lover.