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Thursday, April 13, 2006 

Mercedes E-Class: Harnessing The Wow Factor

Author: Matthew C. Keegan

Mercedes is about to release its all-new E-Class line of luxury
cars. With 29 variations planned, DaimlerChrysler is hoping that
you will be impressed enough to purchase the 2007 model, its
most recent effort to wrest sales away from its German rival,

Mercedes is about to release its all new E-Class to the European
market this spring, with its North American debut scheduled for
some time in the fall. Fresh on the heels of its successful
launch of the all new S-Class, Mercedes is pinning much on these
two lines to help turn their fortunes around. Indeed, Mercedes
has found itself in the uncomfortable position of being in BMW's
rear view mirror, something that DaimlerChrysler is working hard
on reversing by way of releasing new models. In any event, there
is much to anticipate regarding the E-Class with a staggering 29
different model variations planned. Will you be amongst those
waiting in fervent anticipation for the new Benz to arrive?
Let's take a sneak peek at just what Mercedes is planning to
offer with its updated model.

Mercedes recently found itself in an odd position: trailing
German rival BMW in their ongoing battle for sales supremacy.
The news was hard for Stuttgart to swallow, but it has also
served as a wake up call as parent DaimlerChrysler is now
pouring some extra attention into its German luxury brand. Over
the past several years the company's American brands, commonly
known as The Chrysler Group, have been the recipients of DCX
largesse with Mercedes getting limited assistance, at least in
the eyes of some critics. Now, with the S-Class on the market,
with the E-Class soon to appear, and with other models being
updated, Mercedes is poised to quickly regain the top spot that
was wrested away by BMW.

The new E-Class features quite a number of changes including the

Pre-Safe is standard. This is Mercedes' safety system
that automatically adjusts seatbelt and seat settings in
anticipation of a crash. In addition, the sunroof and windows
automatically close up if a crash is pending.

Introduction of an Intelligent Light System. The E-Class'
headlights will automatically adjust according to the driving
conditions. Big changes include enhancements to the fog light
system for better vision, a widening of the vision field, and
better use of cornering technology to have the headlamps cover
areas previously outside of its range.

Ten engine choices. From four cylinder turbo diesels up
to a 5.5L V8, the E-Class's engine range will be incomparably
better than any of its competitors. Indeed, a 514 horsepower E63
AMG version will also be released, making this model the most
powerful E-Class every built.

Other improvements with the new model include a better air
conditioning system, a retuned chassis, and more responsive
steering. In addition, the entire front end has been redone with
the emphasis on a more aggressive look for the new model.

Prices for the E-Class will start at just over $44,000 and go
well over $100,000 for the AMG model. Will the E-Class help
Mercedes recoup its lead? The smart money says yes, but not
without a fight from BMW who is also rolling out several new
models this year.

In all, the cars coming down the pike from Mercedes are worth a
closer look and certain to spark more interest in the brand,
something DaimlerChrysler sincerely hopes to achieve. With 29
variations offered, will the "wow factor" persuade you to
purchase a Mercedes E-Class?

About the author:
Copyright 2006 - Matthew C. Keegan is a full time
freelance writer covering car topics and business issues. Get
the most out of your sedan and only buy genuine automotive parts
and accessories from quality retailers like the Mercedes Parts
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