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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

BMW M3: Power, Precision, Passion

Author: Terry Brown
In the history of the BMW M3, these vehicles were made
exclusively for the sole purpose of meeting the requirements
that would enable this vehicle to join the racing world. The BMW
M3 is very famous and popular more often for the style and
performance that this vehicle holds. And much more so, this
vehicle performs well not only in on the tracks of car racing
but performs just as well on the streets and highways. The BMW
M3 has the sports car appeal that also exudes luxury.

This vehicle was first introduced as a coupe in the United
States during the roaring '80s. Production for the BMW M3 came
to a temporary halt from 1991 up until the year 1995. However
come 1997, this vehicle has then evolved and was sold as a sedan
trim. A convertible joined the BMW M3 family in 1998 and a year
later, the sedan trim was dropped, thus leaving only the coupe
and the convertible to roam the streets. These trims offered
high-level performance, complete and sophisticated equipment,
and convenience, entertainment, and safety features.

The company, BMW, defines the BMW M3 with three words only:
power, precision, and passion. BMW claims that these three words
define the essence of this vehicle. For installed in the BMW M3
is a 3.2 liter engine with six cylinders that has the utmost
capability to produce 333 horsepower. Also, the vehicle offers
modern technical features like a double VANOS or an infinitely
variable timing control for both intake and exhaust camshafts.
Also added in are individual throttle butterflies for each of
the cylinders with drive-by-wire throttle control and M Dynamic
Driving Control. This kind of engine and power is what makes
this vehicle sporty, and responsive in its performance. The BMW
M3 was in fact first produced and crafted in Germany and in
Europe. Changes and improvisations had been done to the vehicle
so as to provide better performance and a more relaxing comfort.

Most vehicles out on the racetrack provide an excellent
performance however they lack the luxury that provides its
driver and passengers utmost comfort. The BMW M3 is a
combination of both luxury and performance. It is sophisticated
yet sleek. It has appeal of a dynamic sports car and the
responsiveness of a true racecar. Drivers and passengers of the
BMW M3 will surely enjoy the safety features provided by the
vehicle since safety has been considered as a top priority by
the company. The BMW M3 also has optional features that include
power seats and sunroofs.

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About the author:
Terry Brown is a 32 year old from Houston Texas, and an
enthusiast for anything auto-related. He currently writes
auto-related articles for several publications.