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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 

Lexus ES 350: Made To Create Desire

Author: Tracy Dawson

As part of the whole campaign for the all-new 2007 Lexus ES 350,
this automobile brand has come up with an extensive and
integrated marketing campaign. The 2007 Lexus ES 350 is actually
a luxury sedan. At present, it is still in the process of making
itself known not only in car and auto shows but also in
showrooms as well. Since the Lexus brand of vehicles is known
for its line of luxury cars, the marketing strategy for this new
sedan surely would also match its reputation.

As per the new campaign for the luxury sedan, it holds a tag
line which asks the market and the consumers around the globe:
"Is it possible to engineer desire?" For the most part of this
strategic campaign, the United States and the rest of North
America would be the main focus. And the highlights for the
whole campaign would shine on the Lexus ES 350's L-finesse
styling, advanced engineering, as well as on its class up luxury

Previously mentioned, the new sedan holds the L-finesse styling.
This kind of styling is actually considered to be a new design
language used and spoken in the automobile brand's complete
sedan line up. It is also considered to be a philosophy which
has ground its roots in balancing contrasting elements. And as
part of this styling and philosophy, the new Lexus ES 350 is
known as the sedan that has been designed so as to inspire

This sedan is actually the third vehicle in the whole Lexus
family of vehicles to spurt out from the mentioned styling. It
exudes simplicity yet it holds contrasts in its significant
design. It features a panorama glass roof which actually covers
the entire cabin to the distinctive wrap-around tail lamps. If
you are looking for curves, the ES 350 has these. It also boasts
of sculpted counter-curves that exude an aura of gracefulness
and movement.

Deborah Meyer, the vice president of marketing for the Lexus
brand, exclaims, "The vehicles advanced engineering and
distinctive styling come together to inspire the theme of
engineering desire. The new campaign demonstrates how the ES is
designed to appeal as much to one's heart as to one's head."

The campaign for the vehicle has already started and sure enough
the whole country would be swamped with advertisements and
pieces of information on the Lexus ES 350. The company would be
using various channels of media like national television, print,
broadcast, radio, wallscapes, bulletins, transit shelters, and
commuter cards among many others. In line with this, Meyer
continues, "From the inside out, the all-new ES makes a dynamic
statement of personal style and luxury, and the new ad campaign
shows how the new ES embodies that personality of sophistication
and elegance."

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About the author:
Tracy is a 29 year old researcher and writer from Dallas, Texas
with extensive experience in writing auto-related articles and
covering automotive related events. She is currently a
contributing writer for a leading automotive e-zine.