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Friday, February 03, 2006 

Infiniti M: Promising Performance and Comfort

Author: Joe Thompson
A luxury sports sedan made available in five trims, the 2006
Infiniti M sports four doors and takes up a maximum of five
passengers as per its seating capacity. This vehicle has been
completely redesigned for this year. It sports an aggressive yet
sophisticated look and holds inside a luxurious cabin that is
trimmed with leather, rosewood, or aluminum. Comfortable seats
are the in thing for this vehicle, as well as an excellent

The 2006 Infiniti M has an overall look that could be compared
with its stylish elder and bigger brother, the Infinity G35
sedan. It could be because both sports crispy lines. However,
the Infinity M bears the remarkable Infiniti badge that has been
mounted in the center of the grille. The edge of the hood of
this vehicle cuts into the headlight cover along with three
jeweled lamps behind it so as to provide the front with a
sophisticated yet fairly aggressive look. It also has a hood
that a high back edge that serves to hide the windshield wipers
as well as help the top of the fenders flow back and up into the
A-pillar. The features for this vehicle do not only give a
different and unique kind of look but it also gives out an added
capacity for this luxury sports sedan's performance and ride.

As per the introduction of the 2006 Infiniti M, it holds two
engine types, depending on the M's trim levels. The engines are
the 4.5 liter, 32 valve V8 engine, and the 3.5 liter V8 engine.
The trim levels also have a rear wheel drive, or have the
optional intelligent all-wheel drive. Also, this vehicle is
claimed to have been designed so as to maneuver, so much so that
it holds curves that makes and provides the utmost intense
connection between the driver and the Infiniti M. Its interior
has also been specially designed so as to engage drivers and
passengers with an atmosphere that provides maximum comfort and
relaxation for them. And for safety, the Infiniti M also holds
the capacity to protect its passengers.

This new luxury sports sedan holds a varied collection of
features. The list includes a rear active steer (this system
alters the angle of the vehicle's rear wheels thus helping out
vehicle track more quickly and precisely); a lighter weight
(aluminum alloy is used on the doors, hood, trunk lid, and most
components of the Infiniti M's engine and suspension); an
intelligent all wheel drive (this system is capable of sending
virtually all the power to the rear wheels); a rear wheel drive
(for a more precise handling); 19-inch wheels (the Infiniti M is
the only vehicle to sport these wheels); a multi-link suspension
(this provides the Infiniti M an exquisite ride quality along
with firm and taut handling); a sport-bolstered steering (for
enabling superior handling); climate-controlled front seats
(giving passengers the climate that they desire); and a
comfortable interior (made up of generous and rich materials
that makes up a sleek and modern cabin) among all others.

This elegant and modern Infiniti M has been specifically
designed so as to provide the utmost performance combined with
the perfect luxury that seems to entice people the world over.
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About the author:
Joe Thompson is the owner of a successful auto body shop in
Ferndale, California. This 38 year old is also a prolific
writer, contributing automotive related articles to various