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Sunday, March 05, 2006 

Volvo 960: The Volvo 760's Replacement

Author: Kevin Anderson
Going back to the autumn of the year 1990, people would be able
to recognize that it was during this time and season that the
world came to know the Volvo 960. During that introduction for
the vehicle, the Volvo 960 was introduced as a 1991 year model.
It was also launched alongside the Volvo 940. It was marketed as
the replacement for the then defunct Volvo 760. It lived for
quite sometime. This vehicle was known as the Volvo S90 and the
Volvo V90 for the last two years of its existence. And in the
year 1998, production for this vehicle was entirely halted.

These vehicles were actually built in Kalmar in Sweden. The very
first Volvo 960 was actually completed and came out to the
streets on the 12th of August in 1991. It was then packaged as a
1992 year model. Starting from 1995 up until a year before its
last production, the Volvo 960s were built in another location.
This time, it was in Goteborg, Sweden. It was in June 27th of
1994 that the very first one from this location came out to do
some rolling on the streets.

In the United States, the Volvo 960 parts were equipped with an
electronically controlled Asin Warner automatic gearbox. As per
those that were marketed in Europe, these came with 2.5 liter
engines combined with a manual gearbox that was called as the
M90. These vehicles were actually a range of rear wheel drive
cars. They were crafted and specifically built so as to cater to
the tastes, preferences, and appeal of the buyers from the
United States. By doing such, the Volvo 960 was one of the cars
that paved the way for Volvo to enter and expand its market in
North America. This vehicle has been made available in two
versions which comprised of the sedan which held four doors and
the estate car which boasted of five doors.

As for the Volvo 960s marketed in the United States, these
actually got their power from an all new in line 6 cylinder
block with double overhead camshafts. The engine was a DOHC
unit. Each of the cylinders had four valves. It was an advanced
engine during that time.

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About the author:
As a former news correspondents for an auto-related websites,
Kevin has gathered extensive knowledge and experience in the
automotive inddustry. This 34 year old father of three from
Pennsylvania is a genuine car lover.