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Thursday, March 23, 2006 

The Features and Options of the Mazda RX 8

Author: Kimberly Meyer

The North American International Auto Show back in the year 2001
served as the avenue and channel for the Mazda Motor Corporation
to show off and introduce to the public one of the vehicles that
showed much potential and delivered greatly. This vehicle is the
Mazda RX 8. During its introduction that year, it held a 250 PS
JIS RENESIS engine that could produce some 247 units of
horsepower at 8500 rpm. This engine won the International Engine
of the Year award and the Best New Engine award in 2003.

The Mazda RX 8 was made available in two variants. These
variants are the 197-horsepower base model that held an
automatic transmission system, and the 238-horsepower
performance model with a six speed manual transmission system.
Of course, there are differences between these two trim levels.
The Mazda RX 8 with the automatic transmission system holds
standard features like air conditioning, sixteen inch wheels,
power windows, power locks, and power mirrors. As per the trim
level with the manual transmission system, this vehicle has the
same features as per the other one however, it has added
features like a limited slip differential, a sport tuned
suspension, and 18 inch wheels and tires.

Mazda has designed and manufactured the Mazda RX 8 to be a
vehicle that could be upgraded. And the company has made sure
that there are packages available for those interested in
sprucing up their Mazda RX 8 vehicles. One package is the Sport
package. This gives the vehicle additional xenon headlights, a
stability and traction control system, fog lights, a limited
slip differential, larger brakes, a retuned suspension, and
eighteen inch wheels and tires. There also is the Touring
package that has features like the Sport package but adds
several more features like a sunroof, a Bose audio system, a
HomeLink system, and auto dimming mirrors. The last package is
the Grand Touring package that is considered to be a combination
of the previously mentioned two packages. This package is
considered to be top of the line and has additional equipment
and features for the Mazda RX 8 like a six way power adjustable
and heated driver's seat, leather upholstery, heated side
mirrors, a navigation system, and an in-dash six disc CD

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About the author:
Kimberly Meyer is an expert when it comes to automotive issues.
She is the manager of her own car parts manufacturing company.
This 33 year-old maiden is also a talented writer.