Tuesday, February 13, 2007 

The Sophisticated New Lexus ES 350

Author: Tymothy Oaklin

The all new 2007 Lexus ES 350 automobile brand has come up with
an extensive marketing campaign in hopes to bring in the drivers
of the luxury sedan. The 2007 Lexus ES 350 is actually a luxury
sedan. At this time this vehicle is in the process of making
itself known not just in auto shows but also in showrooms as
well. It is important for this new sedan be in line with the
good reputation that Lexus brand vehicles has for its line of
luxury cars. For the most part, the Lexus brand vehicle is
marketed to the United States and North America. The strategic
campaign is trying to take engineer desire into their new
vehicles. Lexus has taken its campaign world wide and has
highlighted the Lexus ES 350 for its finesse, styling, and
advances engineering. It is also loaded with luxury features.

The new Lexus sedan has the L-finesse styling. This is an all
new design language used in the automobile brand's sedan line
up. This philosophy has ground its roots in balancing
contrasting elements. The styling and philosophy the Lexus ES
350 has been designed to inspire yearning. This is the third
Lexus sedan to burst out of this L-finesse styling idea. The
Lexus ES 350 features a panorama glass roof. By panorama we mean
that it covers the entire cabin and goes down to wrap around
tail lamps. The ES 350 also has sculpted counter curves that
shows its gracefulness. You will soon be hearing the
advertisements and information on the ES 350. This will include
national TV, print, radio broadcast just to name a few. When you
see this sophisticated and elegant new Lexus ES 350, you will
see that Lexus is making a strong statement about style and
luxury. It is definitely a luxury sedan that you will want to
consider when purchasing your next new vehicle.

About the author:
Tymothy Oaklin an ex-salesman in the auto industry and is a
regular writer and consultant for http://www.mcgrathlex.com/en_US/ > Chicago Lexus and works
on Ethics with dealers nationwide.